We* process user account registration information and connection and activity logs for authentication and application access management purposes and to enable the availability, security, and performance of our applications. In certain cases, when you log in using your social media credentials (e.g., Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Apple, Twitter), technical cookies may be created. These cookies enable our website or application to recognize you during subsequent visits and serve authentication purposes. While technical cookies themselves do not directly provide personal information to social media platforms, they can be leveraged by these platforms for various purposes, including tracking, targeted advertising, social sharing, and cross-site tracking. Social media platforms may track your interactions with our website or application, gather data about your browsing behavior, and deliver personalized advertisements based on your preferences and behavior. It is important to note that the exact ways in which social media platforms leverage technical cookies may vary, as they have their own privacy policies and practices. Therefore, we recommend that you review the privacy policies of the social media platforms you use to understand how your information is collected, processed, and shared. Please keep in mind that Schneider Electric offers you several login options.

We process your contact information for operational communication purposes based on our legitimate interests and if you give us your consent, for promotional communication purposes. You can access our Privacy Policy for further detail.

We use cookies and similar technologies to analyze the use of applications, identify areas for improvement, to enhance the user experience and for security purposes. This may involve tracking and analyzing metrics such as the number of active users, user engagement with specific features and the duration of user sessions. We also use cookies as provided in our Cookie Policy. If you prefer to exclude your registration and connection information from statistical calculations of active users/visitors/recipients for all our services and communications, you may change your preference at any time through your user profile.

Account registration information is shared with other Schneider Electric affiliates who provide applications to which you register. This is to enable you to navigate seamlessly and re-use the same credentials across different Schneider Electric applications without having to register or authenticate again. These applications will use the information in accordance with their own privacy notices. The providers of the authentication applications, Salesforce and Okta, each provide safeguards for personal information transferred outside of the EEA under the EU Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses. We will keep personal information as long as needed for the processing purposes, mainly as long as accounts are maintained by their users. If accounts are deleted or inactive, personal information will be archived in accordance with our data retention policy taking into consideration statute of limitations and legal requirements. For more information as to how we process and protect your personal information and in particular how you may exercise the rights you benefit from applicable data protection laws (e.g., rights of access, rectification and objection), you may read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

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